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GMS2 Doesn't have any convenient way to import videos.  How are you supposed to get all your dank meme GIFs into it?

Now there's a way.  Use this converter tool to convert your image or animated GIF into a special buffer format, and include it in your GMS2 project.  Then, import the looader object, and use that wherever in your game you need to display that image/animation!

Performance for displaying the image is good; however the downside is the image file size is large (which results in loading times).


Double-click the converter installer to install. The program gm_imbuff will appear in your Start menu.

Use Lazyeye's GMTransfer program (https://lazyeye.itch.io/gmtransfer) to move the object obj_imbuff_load into your project.


  1. Add the obj_imbuff_load object from the included archive into your GMS2 project using Lazyeye's GMTransfer program
  2. Convert your image/animation with the external tool. The supported formats are: JPEG, PNG, and GIF
  3. Add the output file into your project's Included Files
  4. Drag the obj_imbuff_load object into your room where you want the video to be played
  5. Edit the "image_local" variable to the name of the file you added to the project in step 3.

If you want to spawn the object directly, simply spawn the instance, set its "image_local" instance variable, then run its event_user(1); to load and play the animation.


The storage format used is a raw (or compressed) pixel buffer.  This takes up a lot of space, and therefore the filesize is large.  This method of loading animations into GMS2 projects is more suited to pixel-art and short animations than full-screen videos.

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