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Unfinished Jamcraft game jam entry.

This game is now open source: https://github.com/meseta/jamcraft

A pokemon-style game where you fight fruit monsters, and craft jam.  Unfortunately ran out of time to put together much content or art other than the crafting and battle mechanics (in which you only get to fight lemons).  The art is currently (borrowed) Pokemon sprites (no infringement intended), we intended to replace these, but unfortunately didn't have time.

Code: Meseta
Sound & Music: Micah_DS


  • WASD or arrow key to move
  • Space or Enter to interact
  • Shift or Backspace to cancel

(gamepad is theoretically supported, but not tested)

About the jam crafting mechanic:

Jams can be crafted in your kitchen.

  1. Take fruit out of the fridge and chop it on the chopping board (throw any peel in the trash, or use it in your recipe!)
  2. Take pot out of cupboard and place on cooker
  3. Take a jar out of the cupboard and place on the counter next to the cooker (this is for later)
  4. Place chopped fruit or other ingredients (peel, sugar) in the pot
  5. Stir the pot to prevent burning (when the STIR bar is too high, ingredients will start burning, and turn to mush).  But ingredients will cook too slowly if the STIR bar is too low.
  6. The DONE bar shows the total doneness of the ingredients.  If an ingredient is fully done, it may overcook.  Different ingredients have different cooking rates, so placing them in the pot in the right order helps achieve even doneness without overcooking.
  7. When done, TAKE the pot off the cooker, and bring it to the jar on the counter to fill the jar
  8. Put the pot away
  9. Interacting with the jar on the counter will show its contents and other jam properties and effects

Some ingredients have healing properties.  Others have offensive capabilities.  Use or throw jams in battle (and healing jams outside battle) to use these effects.

About the battle mechanic:

Battles are turn-based, very much like Pokemon.  Enemies have an HP bar and a COND (condition) bar.  When either bar hits zero, the enemy is defeated.

The COND bar determines the condition of the dropped fruit items after the battle.  If the COND bar reaches 0, no fruit will be dropped.  Low COND fruit are more likely to burn when cooking or turn to mush when chopping.

Throwing offensive jams in battle can help reduce the enemy HP without lowering its COND.  Using lighter attacks cause less damage to HP, but proportionally less damage to COND than heavier attacks (so taking down an enemy using light attacks will result in less COND loss than using heavy attacks).

Attacks use EP (energy points), which can be restored by eating jam with lots of sugar.


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