A downloadable game for Windows

An "MMO" made in 48 hours for GM48 game jam

This is a multiplayer online game. For best experience you will need at least one companion to play with you. Just fire up the game together, and you'll connect to the same persistent world as everyone else.


  • Arrow keys for movement
  • Space for attack/activate (use Space within the spawn zone to switch character class)

Character classes and Objectives

Cookie Dunker

A Cookie Dunker's quest is to bring the cookie to the milk glass in the bottom-right of the map for an epic dunk. Watch out for the mice though. Level up to 5 stars by dunking!

Companion Cat

Companion Cat's live to squash mice, protect the Cookie Dunkers by warding off or dispatching the mice with your claws. Companion Cats cannot gain stars.


I've been threatened for several months now to build an MMO in GameMaker, and now I've finally followed through on it. While the main game is in GameMaker, some of the server components responsible for connecting players together are written in Twisted Python; I put "MMO" in quotes as this game fulfils the technical requirements for allowing very large horizontal scale and a shared "world" for all players. SFX made using Bfxr, music made using BeepBox.


Cookie Companion MMO (Windows).zip 2 MB

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