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Made in 72 hours for Rousr's Virtual Pet Jam, KittyCare is a virtual pet simulator in which you can care for, breed, and sell cats. It also features a unique genetics system. There are multiple colors and patterns your cats can end up with, ranging from common browns and blacks to super secret rare colors. Try and find them all!


  • click on the customer portrait in the sell screen to see other customers who will buy your adult and rare cats
  • buying books will reveal more stats about your cats
  • buying upgraded items will allow them to last longer or have a higher capacity
  • try to breed the super-rare blue nyan-cat

Coding: meseta
Art: jambuns

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Authorsmeseta, ceci
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsCats, Virtual Pet, virtualpetjam


kittycare.zip 2 MB


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-albert einstein                   
Also is there an android version?

This is such a cute game!! I've spent a long time just idly taking care of all the cute cats and trying to get everything I can ingame, hehe.

But when I try to sell more than one adult cat to the people asking for adult cats (most often the Lady), an error pops up and I can't play the file again without starting a new game.

i never had that!

I'm absolutely in love with this game!! It's super simple but I keep replaying it. Super fun and highly recommend! 


What does the yellow and red stuff mean?

it wont download! it just removes itself

So adorable! Loves me some kitties!!


Hello I'm Nathan! I played your game on my channel and I wanted to drop the video here! I really had a lot of fun!