A downloadable game for Windows

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This is a MMO, other players will join with you to make your base!
You can have only ONE item per hand and there is only ONE game world

How to play:

  • WASD to move around
  • E to bring up info
    • Hit E on a tile to pull up the build menu (you can use scroll wheel to view more options)
    • Hit E on a crafting station or resource to pull up information about it
  • Left Mouse and Right Mouse to harvest materials and use items on crafting stations
    • (if you click on nothing while holding an item, you will throw the item away)

Tech tree:

  • Rift (spawn point) - Provides platform for free
  • Trees - can be harvested without any tool
  • Stone - can be harvested using a hammer in one hand, and other hand empty
  • Ore - can be harvested using a pickaxe in one hand, and the other hand empty
  • Sawmill - Uses wood to make platform, requires 2 wood to build
  • Workbech - Uses wood to make a hammer, requires wood+platform to build
  • Stonecutter - Uses stone to make a pickaxe, requires stone+platform to build
  • Furnace - Refines ore into metal, requires ore+platform to build
  • Workshop - Uses metal to make an engine, requires wood+metal to build
  • Blacksmith - Uses metal to make refined metal, requires platform+metal to build
  • Amorer - Uses refined metal to make a spear, requires platform+refined metal to build
  • Factory - Uses refined metal to make a battery, requires wood+engine to build
  • Power Plant - Charges a battery to make a charged battery, requires platform+battery to build
  • Interdimensional Rift- Bends space time, but needs a charged battery, requires platform+charged battery to build


mmO-ocean.zip 2 MB


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I couldn't get very far because nobody showed up, and I couldn't place wood anywhere to craft anything! This game appears to have potential but you aren't able to use it.